Sammy Masturbates On Counter

Some people use their kitchen to cook, others to store their crap.   Sammy Case uses his kitchen counter to masturbate for you.   Well Sammy is a little more hygienic than that, so he first grabs a pillow which he dry humps and rubs his cock on while he masturbates.    This gay twink has a big cock and it packs a mighty punch when it unleashes a stream of jizz.  Thanks to BFCollection for providing this fantastic set of Sammy.

Shirtless Sammy Case

Sammy has hopped up on the counter and removed his t-shirt.   Now shirtless he starts rubbing his junk through his blue jeans.

Sammy Case Pulls Of Boxers

With his blue jeans now off and on the floor, Sammy Case has started to pull off his boxers.  You can see his pubes already peaking out.

Sammy Case Dry Humps Pillow

After rubbing his cock earlier, this twink is now hard as he starts grinding on his pillow on the counter.  Over and over again he dry humps the pillow until his cum can not hold back any longer, he must explode!

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