Sammy Case Rubs His Smooth Ass

With his baggy boxers hanging over the top of his blue jeans, gay boy Sammy Case is looking mighty adorable.   Sammy first started as an exotic dancer in South Florida, before he entered the gay porn world.   Today he wants to draw on that experience as gives a very sexy strip tease for you.   Thanks to BFCollection for providing more great action of the ever lovable bottom boy Sammy.

Sammy Case Stomach

I love his stomach.    I think I prefer Sammy’s stomach like this, over the early days when he was completely ripped.

Sammy Case In Boxers

Sammy Case drives me wild, especially with his hair all floppy like that.   So damn sexy.   I’d lick his chest all the way down to his ball sack.

Sammy Case Rubs Ass

Check out Sammy’s asshole.  That ass has seen many cocks in its day, as this bottom boy is horny and sexually charged all the time.   Enjoy as Sammy Case slowly rubs all over his smooth ass.    Who wants next with Sammy?

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