Sammy Case Eats His Own Cum

What started off as a pajama party for Sammy Case, turned into a solo masturbation set, ending with this ripped twink eating his own cum.   Sexy and ripped, Sammy has his abs rock hard in this set.   Which version of Sammy do you prefer?  The ripped younger version, or his longer haired, more fresh faced version?    I gotta say it was pretty hot in this set from BFCollection to watch Sammy cum all over himself and then eat his own sperm.

Twink Sammy Case

Bright eyed twink Sammy Case looking absolutely adorable in his pajama bottoms.   I’d take a roll in the sack with him that’s for damn sure.

Sammy Pulls Down Underwear

Sammy pulls down his underwear and we catch a shot of his cock.   Not hard yet, but have no fear, it soon will be.

Sammy Case Ass

It just dawned on me that I haven’t shown you a shot of Sammy Case’s ass yet, so here we go.   Sammy is primarily a bottom, so his ass is at your command.  Who wants first crack at tapping that ass?

Sammy Case Can Be Downloaded Inside Boyfun Collection Today!


  1. David Mach says:

    Love guys in their pyjamas and Sammy is a wankfest. More please of Sammy in his jammies.

  2. oreokookie says:

    Yeah, I had a boy like that in prep school….what an awesome butt, I would tap it for sure

  3. Fred Mehlum Karlsen says:

    I love Sammy.

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