Athletic Twink Sammy Strips

Earlier we showed you a photo set that Sammy Case did after a game of basketball.   Well now we are happy to show you video from that shoot where we get to watch Sammy strip down naked as he pulls on his endowed cock.   Although he is not rock hard yet, you can see just how big that cock is.   This twink is a star, and if he doesn’t know it, he really should.

Sammy Case continues to get totally naked and then go to town on his dick as he works his way towards full orgasm.   The full video finishes with a massive shot of sperm all over the place.  A few drops just missed the camera!

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Sammy Masturbates On Counter

Some people use their kitchen to cook, others to store their crap.   Sammy Case uses his kitchen counter to masturbate for you.   Well Sammy is a little more hygienic than that, so he first grabs a pillow which he dry humps and rubs his cock on while he masturbates.    This gay twink has a big cock and it packs a mighty punch when it unleashes a stream of jizz.  Thanks to BFCollection for providing this fantastic set of Sammy.

Shirtless Sammy Case

Sammy has hopped up on the counter and removed his t-shirt.   Now shirtless he starts rubbing his junk through his blue jeans.

Sammy Case Pulls Of Boxers

With his blue jeans now off and on the floor, Sammy Case has started to pull off his boxers.  You can see his pubes already peaking out.

Sammy Case Dry Humps Pillow

After rubbing his cock earlier, this twink is now hard as he starts grinding on his pillow on the counter.  Over and over again he dry humps the pillow until his cum can not hold back any longer, he must explode!

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Sammy Case Jerks Off On Basketball

Say hi to amazingly cute and well hung twink Sammy Case.   Sammy has just finished playing basketball with his friends and now this hard body from Florida is looking to get out of his sweaty clothes.   Once he felt the breeze of the AC hit his exposed cock, Sammy couldn’t fight the urge to masturbate for the camera.   Thanks to Boyfun we get to watch Sammy play with his dick before eventually sending a cumshot all over his basketball.

Athletic Sammy Case

God damn, how cute is this boy?   If you didn’t know why Sammy Case was so popular before, I think you know now!

Sammy Case Drops Shorts

Smooth flat chest, Sammy kicks off his basketball shorts and all that remains to hit the floor is his boxers.   So hot.

Sammy Case Strokes Cock

Sammy has his long cock in his right hand and he is stroking slowly for you.   He is so turned on he is about to bust his nut, and the basketball is his target.  I am sure I could round up a few volunteers to take the cumshot instead.

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Sammy Case Rubs His Smooth Ass

With his baggy boxers hanging over the top of his blue jeans, gay boy Sammy Case is looking mighty adorable.   Sammy first started as an exotic dancer in South Florida, before he entered the gay porn world.   Today he wants to draw on that experience as gives a very sexy strip tease for you.   Thanks to BFCollection for providing more great action of the ever lovable bottom boy Sammy.

Sammy Case Stomach

I love his stomach.    I think I prefer Sammy’s stomach like this, over the early days when he was completely ripped.

Sammy Case In Boxers

Sammy Case drives me wild, especially with his hair all floppy like that.   So damn sexy.   I’d lick his chest all the way down to his ball sack.

Sammy Case Rubs Ass

Check out Sammy’s asshole.  That ass has seen many cocks in its day, as this bottom boy is horny and sexually charged all the time.   Enjoy as Sammy Case slowly rubs all over his smooth ass.    Who wants next with Sammy?

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Sammy Case Rubs Cock In Kitchen

In this video from Boyfun, Sammy Case is sitting up on the kitchen counter as he rubs his cock under his boxers.   Before long he is pulling his jeans and underwear off his gorgeous body, which allows him complete access to masturbate his massive cock.   Just don’t get that cum in the pot of soup Sammy!

Its clear to see why Sammy Case because such a star in the gay porn world after his debut.  His cock is wonderful, and that face is adorable.

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Closeup Of Sammy Case Cock

Sammy Case is looking mighty fine in his shorts and trucker hat.   We are in for a treat today as Sammy pulls off his t-shirt but keeps on his truckers hat and sneakers while he starts to stroke his big hard cock.   Sammy tried hard to slow it down for you, but he got so turned on knowing you are masturbating to him, that he couldn’t help but pop.  And pop he did by the end of this set at BFCollection.

Shirtless Sammy Case

Sammy can come deliver pizza to my house any day.  Especially if he does it without a shirt like this set.

Sammy Case Exposed Cock

The white briefs slide down Sammy’s legs and come to a rest at his ankles.   I love how he kept his ratty sneakers on his feet.

Sammy Case Big Hard Cock

There is the closeup of Sammy Case’s cock that I promised you all.   What an impressive dick it is too.   I could do many many things with his cock.    Make sure to check out the full set to see how big a load he spews onto his smooth chest.   This twink is a stud, and I can watch him all day long.

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Soccer Twink Striptease With Sammy

Sammy Case is dressed up in his soccer gear, and now he wants to slowly take it all off for you.    After stroking his cock rock hard, and flexing his beautiful muscles, this Florida twink is ready to bust a nut all over his soccer ball.   That is exactly what you get from this BFCollection set, as Sammy hits full orgasm and sends a massive load of cum all over his brand new soccer ball.   His friends may want to wash it before they play the next game!

Sammy Case Soccer Shorts

Sammy Case looking good in his soccer shots as he rests his ass on the soccer ball.   He can rest his ass on my balls if he wants!

Sammy Case Bare Ass

Down come the shorts past his bare ass, and what an ass it is.   This bottom loves to get any cock he can.

Sammy Case Hanging Nutsack

What a fucking pose!   I love when a man bends off and touches the floor while his ball sack hangs like that.   Check out the rest o the set as Sammy Case starts beating off his large dick before he busts his nut all over the soccer ball.

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Sammy Case Eats His Own Cum

What started off as a pajama party for Sammy Case, turned into a solo masturbation set, ending with this ripped twink eating his own cum.   Sexy and ripped, Sammy has his abs rock hard in this set.   Which version of Sammy do you prefer?  The ripped younger version, or his longer haired, more fresh faced version?    I gotta say it was pretty hot in this set from BFCollection to watch Sammy cum all over himself and then eat his own sperm.

Twink Sammy Case

Bright eyed twink Sammy Case looking absolutely adorable in his pajama bottoms.   I’d take a roll in the sack with him that’s for damn sure.

Sammy Pulls Down Underwear

Sammy pulls down his underwear and we catch a shot of his cock.   Not hard yet, but have no fear, it soon will be.

Sammy Case Ass

It just dawned on me that I haven’t shown you a shot of Sammy Case’s ass yet, so here we go.   Sammy is primarily a bottom, so his ass is at your command.  Who wants first crack at tapping that ass?

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Twink Sammy Case Strokes Dick

Sitting in the hotel room chair we find athletic twink Sammy Case with his cock in hand.   Still having his football jersey and sneakers on, Sammy is bottomless and stroking his dick ever so slowly as he fantasizes about all the men out there jerking off to him right now.   The full twink video inside Boyfun Collection ends with Sammy spewing a massive load of cum everywhere.

You have to see the full video when Sammy picks up the pace and that huge cock of his just can’t hold the storm of jizz about to breach.

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